Budapest 2016 - Farmer's Market at Szimpla Kert

The owners of Szimple Kert are really enterprising and clever in coming up with ideas for drawing people to their establishment. Not content with just running a pub - they also organize concerts, exhibitions, urban events and also a Farmers' Market every Sunday. Piqued with curiosity, I decided to check it out - and was really glad I did. 

There was an exciting carnival atmosphere in the venue - which was filled with lots of stalls featuring mouth-watering artisanal goodies for sale. The most enticing were the cheese and sausage stalls - but there were also jams and preserves, bread, pastries, strudels, soups and coffee.

The Szimpla Kert people really know how to run a party - and this was one of the most fun events I visited in Budapest. 


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