Kuala Lumpur 2016 - Isetan The Japan Store at Lot 10

Isetan at Lot 10 was closed for 2 years for a major refurbishment and has recently reopened its doors at the end of October 2016 - and what a transformation it has been. It is no longer a departmental store but a Japanese lifestyle and culinary hub. A collaboration between Isetan Mitsukoshi and Cool Japan - this is one of the first such venues in the world - designed to showcase Japanese culture, fashion and arts. Designed by Tange Associates and Glamourous Co. who were also responsible for Isetan Mitsukoshi's flagship store in Shinjuku Japan - the concept is centred around the four pillars of Japanese aesthetics - iki (cool), miyabi (elegance), sen (sophistication) and so (pure).

The venue is thematically divided by floors. On the ground floor is The Museum - which will showcase both traditional and cutting edge Japanese products of the highest quality. The design is very eye-catching - with circular funnels made of cut-out metal screens that anchor the space.

On the 1st and 2nd Floor are The Studio and The Room - featuring Japanese street fashion, up-and-coming designers, beauty and lifestyle products.

The 4th Floor is called The Cube - and is a bookstore, cafe and event space. There are 12 experience areas where you can experience and learn more about different aspects of Japanese culture. Design-wise this is also the most interesting - mixing traditional Japanese forms with modern design touches. 

The store brings together over 200 Japanese brands - many of which have ventured outside of Japan for the first time. Isetan Japan Store is a truly transportive experience and is a welcome addition to the KL shopping scene.


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