Kuala Lumpur 2016 - Ante Kitchen & Bar at One Utama

Ante Kitchen and Bar has built up quite a reputation with KL foodies. Quite a number of KL bloggers have waxed lyrical about their pork chop - so since I was in One Utama it was not to be missed. I went in for an early lunch and the cafe was still relatively quiet. It started to fill up towards the normal lunch hour.

There was a special lunch menu that included the pork chop with a dessert - so that was what I settled on. I also could not resist ordering the salad with pork scratchings.

The salad was a very generous portion. When it came I wished I had a dining companion to share it. The salad and dressing were quite ordinary, but what's not to like about pork scratchings - I polished up every last bit of the scratchings.

The main course of pork chop looked impressive with a generous and think slab of pork. It looked quite pinkish compared to the regular pork chop - but once you bite into it the succulence of the pork is quite wonderful.

Dessert was a simple ice cream.

Ante's reputation for their pork chop is well deserved and I will definitely go back for more.


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