Kuala Lumpur 2016 - Mitsui Outlet Park at KLIA

There is already plenty of shopping at KLIA2 - but now a new shopping option has just opened near the airport. Mitsui Outlet Park is located around 6km from the airport - and there are complimentary regular shutters to the mall.

The design of the mall is quite standard. The mall is 2 storeys with a central atrium and 2 shopping ails.  There are a number of high-end brands represented - including Ralph Lauren, Aigner, Zegna, Hackett, Sacoor Brothers, Guess and Porsche Design. Most of these outlets offer off-season items at up to 50% off - but not many beyond 50% markdown, which is a bit disappointing. Nowadays a 50% mark-down is the norm even in the city shops.

There are also many food options. Being a Japanese development - Japanese food is quite prominently featured. One which caught my eye was Ramen Bari-Uma - which hails from Hiroshima. Their signature Bari Uma Ramen comes with thick-cut chasu and onsen egg with a thick tonkotsu shoyu broth. While the broth is quite good - it lacked the depth and complexity of very good ramen shops in Japan. The noodles are very nice with a firm texture. The chasu was flavourful and very tender.

I also ordered the gyoza - which was disappointing both in terms of taste and presentation. Stick with the ramen.


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