Kuala Lumpur 2016 - Isetan Food Hall at Lot 10

The Isetan Food Hall in the basement used to be one of our favourite spots in KL to get hold of hard-to-find Japanese groceries and reasonably priced sushi and sashimi. Now it is totally unrecognizable. Upon walking in you could be mistaken that you were in the food hall of a high-end departmental store in Tokyo. The large space is filled with round and square island restaurants - each serving a different Japanese cuisine. The most striking is the round kiosks with concentric ringed shelves hanging from the ceiling and holding colourful glassware. You will even find the renowned chain of Japanese patisserie Henry Charpentier here - its 3rd outlet outside of Japan.

Those looking for the old supermarket would be disappointed. You can still buy some Japanese ingredients here, and there is a large selection of premium Japanese sweets and snacks - but the focus is mainly on cooked food. 

The Isetan Food Hall at Lot 10 is an exciting addition to the food scene is KL. With such a wide range of Japanese goodies to choose from - this would be one of our regular stops in KL for sure.


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