Eating in Kuching 2016 - Nuromen Cafe

I never thought I would say this but it has finally happened - there are so many new food places cropping up in Kuching, it is difficult to keep up! Kuching has grown-up - food-wise, at least!

Nuromen Cafe is a new food outlet specializing in beef noodles and rice bowls. The interior of the cafe is bright and cheerful. The black and white theme is simple yet striking. 

Located just opposite my office on Chan Chin Ann Road, I have been to the cafe a few times and quite like the food. The best thing on the menu is the beef noodle - either the dry or soup version. It has the traditional "goo bah mee" taste that those who have grown up in Kuching would know.

The beef rice bowls are a good option if you don't feel like noodles. The taste is not as satisfying as the noodles - a bit one dimensional.

For those who don't take beef, they also have some chicken dishes. I am really happy that places like Nuromen have popped up - which offer something different from the regular kopitiam. It is no wonder that this place is very popular for lunch.


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