Shanghai 2016 - Giant Interactive Headquarters

After 2 days in Ningbo we were on our way to Shanghai. Since we were passing through the South-East side of Shanghai, we decided to drop by an interesting building designed by American architecture firm Morphosis for the Giant Interactive Group - one of the leading online game developers in China. Being a software technology company - security was not surprisingly quite tight. We were only allowed to view the building from outside, and may areas were off-limits.

The building consists of 2 main components - a low-rise office building which meanders around the site like a dragon - clad in dark grey composite panels, and a facilities building covered under an undulating green roof. The whole composition is very dramatic and iconic - it must be quite an exciting workspace to inhabit.

Interesting work campuses are no longer just the confines of the West. Owing to the success of many of China's homegrown enterprises, their very deep pockets and their eagerness to show the World their prowess, iconic workspaces are cropping up everywhere. This is one of the most impressive yet. 


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