Shanghai 2015 - The Jazz Bar

The Bund in Shanghai boasts a dazzling collection of heritage buildings, and one of the most iconic is The Peace Hotel. After extensive renovations, the hotel is now re-branded as Fairmont Peace Hotel under the Canadian luxury hotel group. Inside the hotel is a famous bar simply known as The Jazz Bar. This bar is as famous and infamous as The Cotton Club in New York - and was where the rich, powerful and notorious of Shanghai go to have a good time.

Visiting The Jazz Bar for the first time - courtesy of an invitation from an old friend, I was surprised at the size of it. The venue is actually quite small - but it was packed to the bream. On most nights you will need to queue to wait for a table.

The legendary Old Jazz Band still performs here nightly. The musicians look like they came right out of the 30s. Thankfully the singer was less ancient and she was very good - belting out old Shanghai standards like a pro. 

The Fairmont Peace Hotel is an Art Deco gem. The interior which has been restored to its past splendor is truly magnificent.

If you want to get a feel of what life in glamourous old Shanghai used to be, the Peace Hotel and The Jazz Bar is where you should go. Don't forget to bring a fat wallet too - you will need it.


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