Valencia 2014 - Horchateria el Siglo

After walking around for a few hours in the Valencian old town, you are bound to get thirsty and a bit hungry. There is a popular local drink and snack bar that you must try - Horchateria el Siglo. It is located near the Placa de Santa Caterina. This cafe is a Horchateria - which serves the popular local drink Horchata - thought to contain health benefits.

Horchata is made from tiger nuts, sugar and water. It looks like soya bean milk and tastes very similar too but a little bit nuttier. Personally, I prefer it cold which is more refreshing, but like soya bean milk you can also have it hot. Traditionally you would have a Farton with the Horchata - but I decided to go with Churros. You dunk the Churros into the Horchata and they are a perfect match. You can also have Horchata ice cream, which is really refreshing after a long walk.

*Note - Goggle Map listed this cafe as permanently closed. What a shame if this is true - as this Horchateria is more then 170 years old and is a perfect place for a short break. Try the Horchateria Santa Catalina nearby instead.


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