Eating in KL 2015 - Pigs & Wolf

The Pavilion in KL is like a transformer that keeps on changing. The latest addition is a huge dining area called the Dining Loft on the 7th floor, with an overall area of 30,000 sq ft and 7 new restaurants. The popular Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf in Bangsar has opened a branch here - and the name is thankfully shortened to Pigs & Wolf.

Pigs & Wolf is a pork-centric restaurant and bar. One look at the menu and the pork lover would be in 7th heaven - but the non-pork lover would have to look elsewhere. The restaurant has two main sections - a large area for dining, and a smaller section next to the bar which is set up more like a lounge. 

There are some Tapas selections from the appetizer section - so we ordered a couple to try. The deep-fried cheese sticks are mozzarella cheese deep fried in bread crumbs and served with a strawberry jam on the side - not a bad combination.

The Bacon and Egg Croquettes are very good - crispy outside and soft and pillowy inside - and the hot and tangy sauce made a nice compliment.

The Caesar Salad came with crispy bacon, croutons and a poached egg. While the presentation was impressive - the dressing lacked depth and flavour.

The name of this dish was so good we had to order it - Crispy Garlic Pork. It turned out to be cubes of deep-fried pork coated with a thick and slightly sweet soy sauce. The pork was not crispy at all, and the garlic flavour was missing - overall a bit of a miss. 

The signature Pigs & Wolf Pasta is a Carbonara with lots of crispy bacon, ham, mushroom and again a poached egg. Looking at the dish - with its great presentation and mouth-watering ingredients - you should be in flavour heaven. Strangely when you put it in your mouth - there was again a lack of depth and flavour. The saltiness of the bacon overwhelms all the other ingredients - which was a shame.

On the whole, I find the dishes at Pigs & Wolf a bit too heavy on the bacon. Bacon is no doubt a crowd-pleaser - but needs to be balanced with other ingredients to offset its richness and saltiness. There were some good dishes, and the overall ambiance is nice - so I would definitely go back to try some of the other dishes on the menu.


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