Kuching Hidden Gems 2015 - Friendship Park

This hidden gem is not exactly hidden - it is a relatively large park in the Tabuan Height housing estate - occupying an area of around 2.8 ha. Built in 2005,  it was funded jointly by the Malaysian and Chinese government - to commemorate 30 years of diplomatic ties. 

There are 2 entrances into the Park - one at the North and one at the West. The Western entrance is signified by a beautiful Chinese Gate.

A large lake occupies the centre of the park, and there are lots of Chinese-style pavilions and features everywhere.

The key feature is a gigantic statue of Cheng He (Admiral Cheng Ho), a Chinese emissary who made many trips to "Nanyang" during the 14th Century. There is a fascinating history surrounding this historic figure that is too long to go into here. 

The landscaping all round is very well done and well maintained. 

This park has become a very popular place for locals. In the evenings families go there for leisurely strolls and exercise.

On weekend evenings, dog lovers gather at the North Gate to show off their beloved pets and share grooming tips.


mytravellicious said…
The photos made the Taman Sahabat so cool..

actually im from kuching and i never been here...


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