Eating in Kuching 2015 - Munch Cafe

It is rare that you find a Kuching kopitiam trying to do something different. Most of them are happy with the regular kolon mee, laksa and chicken rice. Munch Cafe started a few years ago and has steadily built a loyal customer base due to its unique approach. They try to keep 2 types of customers happy - those who like sandwiches and those who like noodles and dumplings.

Located along Jalan Song Thian Cheok which is right in the city centre, Munch Cafe is very popular with the lunch crowd. This is the only place in Kuching to get an authentic bagel, and all their bread is baked inhouse. You can choose from baguette, ciabatta and bagels for your sandwiches, and they also have scones for breakfast.

Their baguettes are very nice - with a crunchy crust and soft fluffy centre.  There is a large choice of fillings for your sandwiches. Egg mayo and ham and cheese are our favourites.

I really like the bagels which have just the right chewy texture and very crunchy crust when toasted. There are only 2 choices for the bagel fillings - raspberry jam or smoked salmon with cream cheese. Both are nice - though the smoked salmon could use a few capers to set off the smokiness and richness.

Their kaya toasts are a favourite for the kids. They have taken the trouble to toast the bread, half the normal slice and fill the centre with kaya and butter, as a result, the toast is lighter and really nice and crispy.

The prawn dumplings are very good - freshly made with a filling of minced pork and prawns and very tasty.

The prawn dumpling noodles are less successful. The dumplings are still the same, but the noodles are not the normal thin egg noodles used for kolon mee, but are instead the thicker lo mien noodles which are better for stir-frying. They don't have the springy texture of a good kolon mee, and the poached egg is a strange addition as it is overcooked and doesn't have a soft or runny centre.

I don't know whether it is psychological or real, but eating at Munch somehow feels healthier. The food is less greasy then the normal kopitiam fare, and the ingredients are fresh. Munch is open everyday till 4.00 p.m. except on Sundays.


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