Singapore 2014 - Kampung Glam

Kampung Glam has become a very popular tourist attraction in its own right - and this Muslim enclave between Beach Road and Victoria Street is gaining plenty of attention lately. Arab Street, Kandahar Street, Bali Lane have all become familiar street names that roll off the tongue easily - especially the hot spot that is Haji Lane.

It is easy to see the attraction of this area. The sights, sounds and smells are very colourful and varied. The old Colonial-era buildings are interesting and well-preserved - but not to the extent of being overly sanitized. The popularity of the area has also enabled a lot of interesting independent shops and boutiques to pop-up, adding to the attraction. This has become one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Singapore.


Cintia Soto said…
I never been in Singapore but I am really considering visit is fascinating.

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