Singapore 2014 - Blanco Court Prawn Mee

After wondering around Kampung Glam, if you get a little hungry you can head over to Blanco Court Prawn Mee which is just at the corner of Beach Road and Haji Lane. This unassuming corner kopitiam is a real find. They serve just prawn noodles - but it comes in many combinations. You can have it with jumbo prawns, normal prawns, with pork ribs, without pork ribs - or even without the prawns. 

It was my first time there after stumbling onto it during my Haji Lane sojourn - so I ordered the prawn and pork ribs noodles which seemed like the most appealing. The noodles came with 3 halved prawns and a generous portion of pork ribs. This only cost SGD 4.80, quite a steal! The soup was really rich and flavourful - full of the umami of pork bones and the sweetness of prawns. Delicious!

If you ever visit Kampung Glam, don't miss this little gem at the corner of Haji Lane. Really satisfying noodles are a very reasonable price.  


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