Malacca 2014 - The Baboon House Cafe

Right next our hotel is a very interesting cafe with an interesting name - The Baboon House. When you enter from the front - you could mistake it for an art gallery of some sort. The front room is empty except for some very cutting-edge and intriguing artworks on the walls. 

The front room connects to a large courtyard which is where the main cafe space is. It felt like the original building had been left very much as it is, but on the high wall of the courtyard is a full intricate mural with the name of the cafe. The furniture and decor have been carefully curated to create an eccentric, grungy and edgy feel. It is pretty cool. 

We ordered a burger and some fried potatoes as a snack before our dinner. The food is good, but not great. The coffee though - is very good.

Strangely this nice cafe has a no photography policy. In this day and age, it is annoying to come across an F&B outlet which does not allow photography. It means the owners have an irrational bias against social media - or are deliberately going against the flow. It takes something away from the overall experience.


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