Kuala Lumpur 2013 - Ben's Independent Grocer

The BIG F&B Empire just seems to keep growing and growing and growing with no sign of letting up. One of their latest sensations is a grocery store at Publika - the latest hot spot in Kuala Lumpur. This is not your ordinary supermarket - but a very up-market gourmet store akin to what you would find in Melbourne or Sydney. Just the balsamic vinegar section alone would leave you cross-eyed from all the delectable choices on offer.

Ben's Independent Grocer no doubt takes its cue from gourmet markets in Europe and Australia, offering carefully curated premium food items in a comfortable, posh environment. It draws the ex-pat crowd like bees to honey, and local ants no doubt also find it hard to resist. 

Besides the groceries, the store also features several of BIG's signature eateries within its confines, including Ben's General Food Store, Plan B Roaster Cafe, a tea room, and newcomer S.Wine Deli specializing in everything porcine. If I live in KL, this will probably be my favourite weekend haunt.


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