Kuala Lumpur 2013 - aLoft Hotel Kuala Lumpur Sentral

KL Sentral is slowly shaping up to be the "Manhattan" quarter of KL - albeit at probably 1/100th the size. The number of highrise towers here is amazing - and their proximity to each other makes one wonder whether they comply with minimum setback standards. This is truly a Concrete Jungle - or more appropriately a Glass Jungle in the making.

One of the new additions at KL Sentral is aLoft Hotel - part of the growing Starwood Hotel Group which already has Sheraton, Le Meridien, and Westin Hotel under their belt - and also a W Hotel KL in the works.

The minute you walk into the aLoft lobby you know this is something different. It feels like a baby W - the vibe is decidedly young, trendy, and bubbly. This is one seriously stylish hotel lobby.

The first time I've seen channel glass wall used in Malaysia. It looks really beautiful.

aLoft is a great-looking hotel, and if you like to be close to transportation KL Sentral can't be beaten. I know where I would like to stay on my next KL visit.


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