Japan 2012 - Tenya Tendon Shop

Tenya Tendon is a chain of Japanese fast food restaurants serving the popular Tendon - Japanese rice bowls topped with tempura. Instead of the Tendon, I went for the Tempura Soba set. This was their summer special and it look really tempting in the pictures.

I find that in Japan, often what you see in the photos is what you get. There is no false advertising here.

The tempura is very nice indeed. With a really light and crispy batter, and good quality prawns and ingredients, it could rival much more expensive restaurants.The dipping sauce is also very good - just adding enough flavour without overpowering the tempura.

At 780 yen for the set, it works out to be around RM 23. Very reasonable even compared to eating in Malaysia. You can find Tenya outlets all over Tokyo. The one I went to was in Asakusa. 


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