Japan 2012 - Sensoji Temple in Asakusa Tokyo

Sensoji Temple - also commonly know as Asakusa Kannon Temple, is one of the most popular temples in Tokyo and the biggest attraction in Asakusa. It is also said to be Tokyo's oldest temple - built in 645. This is the main attraction in Asakusa, and when you visit you will see not only tourists but many locals as well.

In front of the temple is a shopping street called Nakamase-dori. It stretches from the iconic outer gate to the inner gate, and there are many stalls selling souvenirs and local snacks. Some of the snacks - such as deep-fried mochi, are unusual and very tasty.

The temple itself is quite magnificent with large red columns and a soaring roof. It was almost completely destroyed during the 2nd World War. What you see now was a complete reconstruction, and it is amazing how they were able to recapture the original design and feel of the structure.

The best time to go would be in the evenings, when the red colour of the temple become radiant in the setting sun.


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