Japan 2012 - Ginza

Ginza - a place that is probably on every Tokyo visitor's list. This is where you come to admire all the branded stores - Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Armani, Dior, Bulgari, Cartier - the list goes on. It was also here that the trend for iconic flagship stores started - for at one time the Japanese were the biggest patrons of luxury goods in the World and all the luxury brands where clamoring to get a foothold in this market. That mantle has since passed on to the mainland Chinese, but I am sure the Japanese are still not far behind in luxurious consumption judging from the number of LV clutching ladies you see on the streets.

It is not unusual to see a few Tokyoites decked up top-to-toe in the same brand.

Ginza is perhaps best visited at night when the stores light up and look even more glamourous. One of the most interesting night lighting is at the Matsuya Ginza departmental store.

Though the Ginza main street is where all the action is, to me the small side alleys are more interesting as they feature more obscure brands and shops. And in the small parallel alleyways behind Ginza you will find restaurants and pubs of any ilk that suits your fancy.


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