Ipoh 2012 - Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum Restaurant

Out of curiosity, I decided to check out Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum Restaurant which is right opposite Foh San Restaurant. This is a totally different kind of establishment. The decor is almost non-existent, the ceiling is so low you can actually touch it with your hands, yet it is packed to the brim with what looked like mostly local diners.

The dim sum here is served on trays brought around by the waitresses - like Hong Kong in the old days. People were hanging around waiting to snag a table as soon as the others finish. If you don't mind you can also share a table with total strangers, and they wouldn't mind a bit. 

The dim sum here is what I would call Malaysian style. The execution and presentation are not as polished as what you would get at Foh San, but judging from the satisfied expressions on the patrons' faces, it must be good. 


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