Ipoh 2012 - Egg Tarts and Chicken Pie

Lots of Bloggers have been raving about Ipoh's Egg Tarts and Chicken Pie, so I made a point to look out for them during the trip. One of the famous outlets is Hong Kee Pastries at Weng Seng Kopitiam. If you see lots of people lining up to take away egg tarts and other pastry items, that's probably the right place.

I ordered an egg tart and a chicken pie to enjoy on the premises. There was a constant stream of people coming to take away. Besides the egg tarts and chicken pies, they were also buying another Chinese pastry called "Shat Keh Mah" (a kind of crispy egg and flour pastry) and Chinese Swiss Rolls with kaya filling.

The egg tart had a flaky pastry filled with a silky egg custard that is not too sweet and full of nice eggy flavour. 

The chicken pie was also quite good - with a crumbly pastry shell that easily breaks apart. The filling is nicely seasoned, but I would have preferred bigger chunks of meat.

Many Bloggers seem to rhapsodize over these pastries in Ipoh. To me, they are good - but probably not enough to warrant a trip to Ipoh just for them.


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