Eating in KL 2012 - Gou Lou Famous Fish Head Restaurant

Jalan Alor is such a famous foodie place in KL popular for "Choo Char" or stir fried restaurants where most of the dishes are fried in the wok. At night this place is so crowded it is difficult to find a seat. When you go during the day it is like a totally different place. There's no crowd, and there's no "Choo Char". Yet there are some foodie gems around. 

Many of the popular food shops in KL tend to sell only a few things that they are good at and nothing more, and that's a good thing. Take this Gou Lou Famous Fish Head Restaurant in the middle of Jalan Alor. They do very well just selling fish head noodles, fish balls and surprisingly - chicken curry noodles. They have been around for ages.

Their Fish Head Noodle is really good - chunks of deep fried fish head and meat served in a sweet fish broth that has been boiled for hours to extract all the flavours from fish bones, mixed in with a little bit of milk to give it some body. It is also a little bit tangy and spicy. Very delicious.

Their fish balls are made from either mackerel or "Sai Tou" (a type of herring), and you can order mixed balls if you want. It is served in a very nice fish broth (without the milk) and a generous amount of vegies. A very satisfying side dish.

If you have not been to Kou Lou at Jalan Alor, I urge you to give it a try. Go early to beat the lunch crowd.


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