Hangzhou 2015 - Hefang Street Food Court

At the Eastern of Hefang Street is a small food court squeezed into a narrow alley. Tinay stalls line both sides of the alley, and in the middle is a covered dining area squeezed between the walkways. As always there is a dizzying array of street food on offer, from the most common to the obscure. The atmosphere is really infectious - everyone seems to be enjoying whatever they are having.

One of the local specialties is spicy deep fried crabs. You eat the whole thing - shells and all. It is very good - sweet juicy meat with the crunchy shells which do require strong teeth to work through.

Stewed duck heads seem to be very popular.

What about stewed whole rabbit heads ?

One of the more normal offerings - chicken thighs cooked over preserved vegetables. It is slightly bitter and smokey - delicious !

Though it is a bit crowded, this is a great place to try lots of varieties of street food in one place. 


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