Florence 2013 - all'Antico Vinaio

I had posted about Osteria all'Antico Vinaio where we had a wonderful yet affordable dinner. Right opposite the Osteria is the sandwich bar where there is always a queue outside. The first time we walked pass it we were wondering what the fuss is all about. Take a closer look and you will know why. The cold counter is full of the most delicious looking ingredients for sandwiches, and on top of the counter are freshly baked focaccia bread smelling like heaven.

Behind the counter is a guy who makes all the sandwiches - and with his messy hair and prickly face he looks a bit like a rock star. There are sandwiches which you can choose from a menu - or just tell him what you want or don't want in the sandwich and he will make one up. I overheard him telling a customer "Just leave it to me and I will make you the best sandwich you've ever had in your life !" Now that is confidence ! 

I ordered a roast beef sandwich, and even though there were a few people a head of me it was done in no time. The service was pretty fast. Inside the sandwich were generous slices of medium rare beef, lettuce, tomatoes and red pepper puree. It was really good. The star of the sandwich was without a doubt the bread - so light and soft inside, and addictively crispy and crunchy on the outside. This was the best sandwich I've ever had - as far as I can remember.


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