Paris 2013 - Dinner at Les Fontaines St Honore

Our fist dinner in Paris was at a bistro called Les Fontaines St Honore. It was a great sounding name - and the restaurant is very near The Louvre, so our expectations were high. However this being one of the included tour dinners - we should have kept our expectations in check.

The restaurant has a very traditional decor with dark wood panels and even old street lamps. While waiting for the meal to arrive we were kept entertained by a waiter who looked like he could have come out from a
Toulouse-Lautrec painting.

The appetizer was a puff pastry filled with cream cheese. It was quite nice but very simple.

The main course was a stuffed chicken breast served with buttered rice. It was tender but a bit bland in terms of flavours.

I forgot to get a picture of the dessert - but I think it was a creme brulee. Not a very memorable one.

Though our first dinner in Paris was not a great one - the city itself more then made up for it. It is difficult to feel down when you are in Paris - unless you live there I guess !


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