Brussels 2013 - Lunch at Brasserie La Fiacre Bistro

We only spent about half a day in Brussels and there was only time for a quick lunch. I chose a place which looked reasonable. It was called La Fiacre which translates to "The Carriage" I think, as there was a picture of a carriage under the name. Not a particularly nice sounding name when you try to pronounce it - I must add.

As I approached the entrance to the restaurant, a man who was standing outside called out to me. In his broken English tinged with French I mananged to make out what he was saying - apparently he was a famous local personality and wanted me to pay to take a picture with him. No thank you !  Maybe of it was the other way round !

The place was empty except for a table of young Asian tourists - I thought I might have stumbled into another tourist trap. The decor was typical brasserie style, with the menu mostly written on black boards - though it looked like it had not been changed for years. As I did not have much time - I quickly ordered a Steak Frites and soup of the day.

The steak was not that tender but flavourful. You may find that in Europe they are not as obsessed over Wagyu, grass-fed or grain-fed - or that the meat has to melt like butter. I think they like their beef full flavoured - which is fine with me. The fries were really nice and crispy. Belgium is afterall the birthplace of  "french fries", though the French would beg to differ !

The soup turned out to be a green pea soup. It didn't look like much but was very tasty. there were hints of bacon and sweetness of onions.

This turned out to be quite a satisfying lunch and it didn't break the bank - all in about 18 euros. I would go back and try the mussels.


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