Paris 2013 - Dinner at Chez Edouard

Our 2nd night dinner in Paris was in a restaurant called Chez Edouard. It is in a posh area near the Rue Saint-Honore where we had our 1st night dinner. Being another one of the included tour dinners, we were frankly not expecting much. When we entered the restaurant it was full of other tour groups - not a good sign !

The restaurant itself is quite nicely decorated. It is on 2 floors and we were ushered to the upper floor which was empty - at least we can have some peace and quiet.

Dinner started with a very quintessential French appetizer - Escargot in Herb Butter. It was very good -the snails were plump and succulent and the herb butter was a perfect accompaniment to the slimy salty snails.

The main course was a poached salmon with Beurre Blanc. The fish was very nicely cooked and the sauce flavourful. But the portion was a bit small as you can see in the picture.

Dessert was an apple tart. It was not bad, but some vanilla ice cream on the side would have been nice.

On the whole the dinner at Chez Edouard was not the disappointment that we thought it would be. The escargot was a nice surprise, the main course was small but it was a nice break from all the rich food we had been eating, and the dessert provided a pleasant finish to the meal. 


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