Antwerp 2013 - Lunch at De Taloorkes Cafe

The old town area in Antwerp like in most Europe cities is full of cafes, restaurants and eateries - mostly catering to the tourist crowd. I was trying to find a more authentic local cafe that is not the typical tourist trap - so I ventured into the quieter side streets where there were a lot less people, and came across this nice small cafe called De Taloorkes. The menu is not too long and mostly written on the wall. As it was a bit early for lunch, the place was not so busy with only a couple of tables filled.

I asked for a recommendation - and the beef stewed in beer sounded really good so that was what I ordered. And I wasn't disappointed - the chunks of beef were very tender, the sauce full of flavour and it had that added subtle bitterness from the beer.

The order came with a generous serving of hand-cut potato chips on the side. These were also really good - crispy outside and fluffy inside. 

Judging from the menu - the food at De Taloorkes is mostly home-style comfort food. The prices are reasonable by European standards. It is a good place to go if you want to try some local Belgian cuisine.


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