Antwerp 2013 - Dinner at Stadscafe

Stadscafe is a local restaurant near the Old Town Square. It faces the River Scheldt - which is one of the attractions of this old establishment. The restaurant is in a handsome old building which looks a bit run-down from the outside. Once you enter the interior is quite warm and cosy.

We had one of our most enjoyable dinners during our trip here - not because of the food but the company. One of our member's wife celebrated her birthday that day, and it was drinks all round ! Belgium beer is really great - and I am not even a beer drinker !

The dinner itself was nothing to write home about. It started with a liver terrine served with some berry compote. Taste-wise it was a bit like something out of a supermarket.

The main course was not much better - chicken skewer with french fries.

We augmented the dinner with side orders of mussels. These were really delicious. The mussels were really plump and juicy. The sauce in the pot was like liquid gold ! You must order this when in Belgium !

Dessert was a chocolate mousse. It looked a bit lame, but was actually delicious. Guess you can't go wrong with chocolate in Belgium.


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