Antwerp 2013 - Belgian Waffles

Besides chocolate, Belgium is also famous for its waffles. Waffles are eaten all over the World, and is now a very common fast food snack. It has its origins in Europe and is basically leavened batter cooked between 2 hot iron plates. The waffle that is most common today is the Belgian Waffle which interestingly doesn't actually exist in Belgium. Here they have many types of waffles, but the 2 most common types of waffles are the Brussels waffle and the Liege waffle. The one we call Belgian waffle is actually the Brussels waffle, but in the rest of Belgium the Liege waffle is more common.

I chanced upon this waffle cafe while wondering around the old town, and had to give it a try. I ordered the Brussels waffle with chocolate ice cream. The first thing you notice is that the squares are much bigger then what we are used to. When you bite into the waffle - you get the 2nd and 3rd surprises. The 2nd surprise is the that crust is really crispy, and the 3rd surprise is that the inside of the waffle is very light and fluffy instead of heavy and chewy. It is really delicious - and coupled with the rich chocolate ice cream it is one of those culinary marriages made in heaven.

I also ordered a cappuccino which came served with some nice cookies.

After the wonderful waffle session I did a quick Google and found out that the shop - Die Zoete Verleiding Cafe (That Sweet Temptation),  is actually quite famous in Antwerp and popular with locals for their waffles and desserts.


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