Kuching Hidden Gems - Wind Caves

Not far from the Fairy Cave is another interesting cave called the Wind Cave. Wind Cave is technically a cave passage, as it has openings at both ends. The entrance to Wind Cave is slightly elevated from ground level and reached through a flight of stairs. Besides the main cave passage - there are 2 other smaller cave passages which lead to different exits. All the passages are provided with timber walkways, but are not lighted and very dark - so you will need to bring your own torch lights.

The main passage is quite large in some locations. The levels go up and down though they are quite gentle. The passage lead all the way to a river which run alongside the mountain. On weekends the river is full of families playing in the water.

Other cave passages lead to different exits.

If you look carefully, you may see tiny fossils embedded in the cave walls.

There are also these interesting formations called bell holes which are formed by the bats roosting on the cave roof. The holes are formed by the moisture and warmth of the bats which slowly erode away the surrounding rock.

Visiting caves somehow bring back some long forgotten memories. It is like a trip back in time. 


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