Eating in Kuala Lumpur 2013 - Bulgogi Brothers at The Pavilion

The Pavilion in KL is quite amazing. Every time I visit there seems to be something new. One of the new additions is Bulgogi Brothers, a Bulgogi chain restaurant that hails from Korea. Besides Korea they also have outlets in the Philippines, Canada and now Malaysia. In fact they already have 4 outlets in Malaysia - Pavilion, Paradigm Mall, The Curve and Mid Valley.

The first time I tasted Bulgogi in Seoul many years ago I immediate loved it. Good quality well marinated beef cooked on a grill and served with lots of tasty side dishes - whats not to like. The other great thing about eating at a Korean restaurants is their generosity with the side dishes (Banchan) which are usually complimentary. I am glad to report that at Bulgogi Brothers they stick to this Korean tradition, and you can ask for unlimited refills !

The Banchan is actually enough to sate the appetite of a small eater. They were all very good - the stand out was the slightly sweet lotus root sprinkled with sesame seeds. In fact I asked for another serving and it was promptly delivered.

Since I was alone I decided to skip the Bulgogi and ordered a salad and Kimchi Soup instead. The salad was Sogogi Naengchac - marinated and grilled beef brisket over fresh greens and sliced tomatoes. It was really good - the beef was very tender and tasty, and the tangy dressing was just right - giving the whole dish a refreshing zing.

The Kimchin Soup was less memorable. The taste was a bit one dimensional and lacked the depth and complexity that you would normally expect, but it was made with good ingredients.

Eating at Bulgogi Brothers was a very pleasant experience. The food was good, they were very generous with the tasty side dishes, and service was fast and efficient. Another great dining option in KL.


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