Bali 2010 - Dinner at Lotus Lane Cafe

We had wanted to go to Indus Restaurant after a walk on Monkey Forest Road, but it started raining cats and dogs so we had to quickly change plans. Lotus Lane Cafe happened to be right where we stopped to take some shelter from the torrential downpour, so we said why not ?

Lotus Lane Cafe is a sister cafe of Cafe Lotus on Jalan Raya Ubud. The decor is very similar, and the restaurant is totally open-concept. It is a long and narrow space which extends quite deep, next to a laneway with a lotus pond. Though still early evening, it was already quite dark on account of the rain.

The cafe during the day.

We settled on the Ubud Ristafel which was enough for 2 persons, and also ordered a Soto Ayam. The Ristafel came with several portions of Indonesian dishes such as smoked duck, roast chicken, curried pork, tofu and gado gado. All these were really delicious and went really well with the yellow tumeric rice.

The Soto Ayam was the best soup we’ve had in Bali - aromatic, subtle and very tasty.

For dessert we had a Kueh Dadar - an Indonesian pancake with coconut filling. The palm sugar infused coconut filling was really yummy.

Lotus Lane Cafe was a pleasant surprise in Ubud and we wouldn’t have dined there if not for the rain. Indus Restaurant would have to wait for the next trip.


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