Beijing 2009 - Wangfujung Food Street Part III

Now for some of the more bizaar and stomach-churning offerings on Wangfujing Food Street. Deepfried scorpions anyone ? What about some seahorses ? Lizards ? 

I don't think Beijingers actually eat these stuff. At least I have not seen a Beijinger eating it. I think they are more of a spectacle for tourists, unlike in Thailand where the locals actually eat some of the weird bugs that they sell on the streets.

Seahorses and what looked like dried lizards !

Small scorpions. 

And gigantic scorpions.

Giant grasshoppers.

I think these are silk worms.

I couldn't build up enough courage to try the bugs, but couldn't resist trying the starfish. They are deepfried, and you peel off the shell and eat what's inside. The shell is surprisingly rubbery and quite easy to break open. Inside is a greenish paste-like substance which taste like mud. Once is enough !

I saw these really fresh sea urchins and had to have one. They are quite cheap too - around RMB 15 each which is about RM 7.50. Normally you expect to pay a lot more especially in a high-end Japanese restaurant. These are really good too.

Au revoir Wangfujing Food Street. It's been great getting to know you. Till next time, XOXOXO !


gill gill said…
exothic experience! i've tried the silk worm in can and it taste good when it still warm.

but i heart some rumors about china's hawker using the re-used oil from the restaurant drainage to cook! black heart, aren't they?
Borneoboy said…
Hi gill gill. Thanks for your visit. I didn't try the silk worms. Don't know about the oil but it is always good to be cautious about where you eat in China.

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