Beijing 2009 - Wangfujing Food Street Part I

Wangfujing Food Street is probably the most popular food street in Beijing. Stretching over 1 km long, this famous attraction brings together street foods from all over China in one convenient location. As they cater mostly to tourists, the prices are not cheap. However, you can't beat the convenience and the spectacle of a mind-boggling array of food. Don't expect gourmet quality though, as most of the items are either deep-fried or barbequed. In fact there are so many barbeque skewer stalls I lost count after the first 5. 

The stalls are all identical, and the servers all wear the same uniform of white shirts and a red apron. It makes them look neat and tidy, but a little bit boring, kind of school-canteenish. I personally prefer the wild colours and chaos of a Bangkok or Malaysian hawker street.

Some of the stalls are quite friendly, while others can be a bit rude if you don't buy anything from them. They are mostly quite okay with photographers - I got stopped from taking photos only at one of the stalls by a grumpy old man. 


Tan.wiratchada said…
Interesting food street. Very beautiful pictures posted. China so amazing I never know. You should get some income for these information hahahah...What you think??
Borneoboy said…
Hi Tan. Thanks for your compliments. I don't mind getting paid, so I can visit more places !!! :)

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