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I have posted on some of the top end hotels in Kuala Lumpur. Now I am moving to the other spectrum of accommodation in the city - a cheap yet nice hotel.

Tune Hotel has hit on a great business model - an affordable hotel with clean modern design, nice bed and great shower, a cheap place where you would not be ashamed to be seen in. If you are looking for a place just to spend a night, this is it. The usual price is around RM 90.00 per room including towels and air-conditioning. Yes, you have to pay for air-conditioning, or you can choose to save money by just using the ceiling fan. You also have to pay to use their towels, or you can bring your own. The whole thing works on an internet booking system -  the earlier you book, the cheaper the rate.

The rooms are really tiny - just enough for the bed, a wall mounted retractable table and that's it. The bed is really nice, with high quality bedsheets. The real stand out is the shower - great quality with good water pressure and instant hot water. It is better then even some of the more expensive hotels. There is no wardrobe, you have to hand your shirts on wall-mounted hooks. 

There is a Seven-Eleven in the lobby, where you can stock up on essentials - a convenience that even 5 star hotels don't have. There is also a Subway Sandwich Bar, and a Kopitiam-type coffeehouse. There is even an ATM machine where you can load up on cash. They really have thought of everything !

The people behind Tune Hotel are from AirAsia. So far they have proven highly capable of coming up with a great idea and run with it. I can''t wait to see more Tune Hotels coming up in places I want to visit.



jasperjugan said…
is the location convenient to go around the city?
Borneoboy said…
Hi Jasperjugan. It is located along Jalan Sultan Ismail, a little bit further down from Sheration Imperial. There is an LRT station nearby, but you have to walk a few hundred metres. Maju Junction, a small shopping centre is just opposite the hotel. The location is not the most convenient, but you can get around easily.
Pegs said…
i recently stayed at the newly opened LCCT Tune. it was mighty small ... the bedroom was as big as the queen size bed (with allowance of 2ft on 2 sides & 1ft on one side). the toilet/shower is even smaller, my knees almost touching the wall in front when i was sitting on the toilet bowl ... :P (it was so small i cldn't even take a photo of the room)

but all in all, it just a room to sleep that fulfills all the essentials. and of coz, value for money.

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