Kuala Lumpur Hotels - Palace of the Golden Horses

Palace of the Golden Horses is located at the Mines Resort which is quite a distance from the city centre. You actually will pass it on the way down from the airport. It's one of those "destination hotels" where the hotel is supposed to be the be all and end all of your trip. You either love it or hate it.

"Destination hotels" are usually not my cup of tea. They are very Disneyesque - quite artificial and out of this world. Like Sun City in South Africa or Atlantis The Palm Dubai, a whole back story is created to provide the mythology for the design. Palace of the Golden Horses is not as over the top as the other resorts, and it benefits from that restraint. The design is centred around horses, with the horseshoe and other equine paraphernalia featuring heavily in the designs. 

It is a huge hotel, with over 480 rooms and lots of conference facilities. There are also many f&b outlets to cater to the large number of guests. Part of the Mines development which includes a convention centre, shopping mall, turf club and premium residential properties -  the hotel shares a lake and golf course with the Mines Resort about a couple of kilometres away. The hotels are connected by a water taxi service via the lake.

The lobby is large and impressive, with a Moorish design. Though it is quite obvious that most of the details are not hand-crafted, but are cast from moulds. Tricks which are no doubt appropriated from the building of Disneyland and other theme parks.

The huge lobby lounge with nice views to the lake.

The room layout is standard, but quite spacious. 

The Palace of the Golden Horses is a hotel which you need to experience once, just to see what its like. Due to its location, its not the most convenient hotel in KL. Stay there if you need to be near the Mines Resort, or if you just want a different experience which only a hotel like this can offer. Its like living in a fantasy world - a fairy tale palace where you can be king for a day, for a price of course.


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