Eating in Kuching - Dinner at Little Lebanon

Little Lebanon is probably the only Middle-Eastern Restaurant in Kuching, located at the Old Courthouse Complex downtown. It is not very well-known due to little publicity, but a recent visit found it to be quite popular with visitors, probably due to it's location. The restaurant occupies the arched walkway through the Courthouse complex connecting India Street and Carpenter Street. There is usually quite a busy foot traffic through this public thoroughfare.

The restaurant used to be at the upper level of the building. Due to lack of business they have downsized to the lower floor, which is a good thing as it is more intimate and closer to the traffic. There is a small air-conditioned dining area, but the main dining space is in the covered walkway. 

Our dinner started with a Chicken and Pineapple Salad. It wasn't a good start as the salad was drown in too much sauce.

Next came the Pita Bread with Cheese Filling. This was very good, the bread crispy and cheese filling quite tasty. 

The Prawns in Crispy Pastry was another good dish, served with a tartar sauce.

For mains we had a Chicken Bryani and Chicken and Lamb Kebab Platter. Both were very good. The marinated chicken served with the bryani rice was tebder and spicy. The kebabs - especially the lamb, were done very well. Both had deep spicy flavours, and were tender with the smokey charred taste coming through really nicely. The platter comes with rice and pita bread, so it can be a meal on it's own.

Little Lebanon is definitely recommended, and the pricing is surprising good value too. Do give it a try when you are in Kuching.


Ai Shiang said…
I never knew there's a place to eat near the court house. The layout of the restaurant looks very traditional. The photos of the food you took look really delicious.
Borneoboy said…
Hi Ai Shiang. Not many people know about this place, eventhough it has been around for a few years. The food is quite good. You should give it a try.

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