Siem Reap - French Quarters

Cambodia used to be a French Colony, a part of the French Indochina Empire. Like Vietnam, you can still see this Colonial history in the architecture.

In Siem Reap, this is most obvious in the French Quarters, where the old shophouses with French Colonial design are very well preserved. This area has become more of a tourist trap, with lots of pubs, lodges, cafes, etc.

The Siem Reap Old Market is also located here. It is a huge complex selling everything from souvenirs, t-shirts, and the usual tourist paraphenalia - to everyday items like pots and pans, household essentials, etc. Even monks shop at this market, as you will see. There is also a wet market right in the middle of the complex. It is rather dirty and smelly, so only recommended for a quick visit.


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