Siem Reap - Cambodia

I am beginning my post on Siem Reap, which I visited recently in early July. Siem Reap is in the North-Western part of Cambodia. It is famous for Angkor Wat, one of the great Wonders of the World, and is also a World Heritage Site listed under UNESCO.

Tourists who have been to Cambodia say there are 2 seasons - "hot" and "very hot". July is one of the hottest months, with temperatures reaching as high as 40 decrees ! Fortunately it is also the rainy season, which provide occasional respite from the heat.

The best time for sightseeing is in the morning. Mid day to late afternoon is very hot and best spent in the hotel or cafe with a nice cold drink. Late afternoon - especially after a light shower, is great for getting around.

Siem Reap itself is a small town mainly serving the tourist trade. There is one main road which runs from the airport down to Angkor Wat. The airport is only a few kilometers from the town centre, quite convenient.


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