Rainforest World Music Festival 2008 - The Crowd

The Crowd at the concert was lively but not rowdy. Everyone was getting into the beat - dancing and having fun. For me it is always the crowd that makes the concert.

I made a new friend, a fellow blogger Ahmoi Chantek. She's a lovely Iban lass from Kuching with a few of her friends. I know Ahmoi has been waiting for this post. Here's their picture. She's 2nd from the left.

It was her feet which first caught my attention. A clever way to keep dry - at first !


f.i.e.z.a said…
hye borneoboy.im fieza, ahmoi chantek's friend.im the one wearing purple tshirt n specky in d picture.its nice looking at the pics frm ur blog n u really have the nice shots!keep it up!
I so have been waiting for this post, u are right about that! i love the pictures..im stealing them from you ok..btw, my so-called protective sandals; if they were to be sold, it would have gone for RM100...hahaha..believe you, demand was high
Borneoboy said…
Hi Ahmoi. Glad you like the post. You should keep the sandals and the plastic bags. They are collectors items and will be worth a lot of money in 20 years! I will have more pictures of the concerts coming up. Do come back and check on them.

Hi f.i.e.z.a. Welcome to my Blog. Thanks for your kind words.

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