Kuching Hawker Food 2

One of the coffeeshops I regularly visit is the Chong Chon Cafe at Central Park Commercial Centre, 3rd Mile.
The laksa here is one of the best in town. Order the laksa special and you get a generous serving with prawns and chicken. The gravy is thick and very flavourful. Kuching Laksa is different from it's West Malaysian counterpart. The gravy is not curry or assam based, but made from a secret recipe of herbs and spices, thickened with coconut milk. There is usually a hint of coriander, and the laksa is normally garnished with a bunch of fresh coriander leaves.

This is the lady who makes the great-tasting laksa.

Another nice item you can have at this coffeeshop is the noodle special. The noodles are not like the normal Kolon Mee. These are thick noodles mixed with either carrot or spinach, providing a healthy dose of vegetable fibre. What a great idea ! What makes the dish special are the dumplings which are served with it. More like raviolis, the skin is flavoured with spinach and the filling is made from minced pork and fresh prawns. Really yummy !

You can also get nice local kueh at this coffeeshop. These are Kueh Salak (square) and Kueh Cangkeh (round).


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