Kuching Hawker Food 3

Another popular hawker centre in Kuching is the Chinese Temple Hawker Centre at Carpenter Street. There are only a few stalls here, but they are all very good.

The most popular stall is the noodle stall which sells Kolon Mee with fresh ingredients. I like the curly noodles which are more crunchy then the straight noodles. The noodles at this stall are not particularly crunchy, but the taste is really good.

Another popular dish here is the Meat Ball Soup - Pork Balls, Fish Balls, Prawn Balls and Deep-Fried Tauhu served in a light broth which is really tasty and satisfying. You can also order it with tanghung.

The Sour Plum Drink is a refreshing drink to drain away the heat for a hot day.


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