Kuching Hawker Food

Kuching is a great place for hawker food. Kuching people loves to eat, and everywhere you go there is a coffeeshop just around the corner serving delicious food.

One of my favourites is Heng Hua Mee Soup. The noodles are thick - more like Japanese udons, served in a light broth with sliced belly pork, prawns, strips of egg omelette and seaweed. The soup has a subtle gingery flavour. It is delicious !

One of the coffeeshop staples is this drink.
Known locally as "Kopi Peng" - it is actually iced
coffee swettened with condensed milk.
This is a great drink to wash down the food.

Another Kuching favourite is the Kuching Sio Pao.
It is a mini meat pie with cha siu and meat filling.
The pastry is flaky but not toosoft. The Sio Pao at this
coffeeshop get the ratio between pastry and
filling just right.

This is the coffeeshop where you can have the Heng Hua
Mee Soup and Kuching Sio Pao - Home Made Specialities
Coffeeshop at Chan Chin Ann Road.


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