Delhi 2018 - Hauz Khas Park

One of the more unusual places to visit in Delhi is Hauz Khas Park - a large park on the South-West side of Delhi. 

The small commercial centre at the entrance to Hauz Khas Park is a hub for creatives and hipsters. There are lots of trendy cafes, pubs, restaurants, and boutiques for endless browsing.

At the South-East corner of the Park is Hauz Khas Fort - an old structure that faces the Hauz Khas Lake. This is a very popular place for local youths to hang out - as the area is quite green and beautiful and provide a much-needed relief from the chaos of the city. The Hauz Khas Fort also provides plenty of shade and lots of nooks and crannies for dating couples to hide out. 

If you are into street art - there are lots of hidden treasures to be discovered. 


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