Hamburg 2016 - Hamburg City

I didn't have much idea about Hamburg besides the trivial knowledge that it was the birthplace of the Hamburger. However the original Hamburger was actually a beef patty called a Hamburg Steak. The idea of the beef patty sandwiched between 2 buns came later - and was probably created in the US where it became the national dish. Once I reached Hamburg however - there was no original hamburger in sight except the American version.

Getting to Hamburg is now relatively convenient with high speed railway connection from Berlin. The ICE (Inter-City Express) trains operated by Deutsche Bahn takes around 1 hour 40 min on very comfortable modern carriages - covering the 280km in around 300km/hour.

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof is a Neo-Renaissance building completed in 1906. The iron and glass platform hall is very elegant.

Hamburg is the main sea port of Germany and its 2nd largest city after Berlin - with a population of around 1.8 million. It is often considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany - with its historic harbour and old canals.

One of the most iconic buildings in Hamburg is the Rathaus - with its green copper roof and 112m high tower marking the main entrance. Designed by 7 architects and completed in 1897 during one of the most prosperous periods in Hamburg - the beautiful Neo-Renaissance structure was meant to show off the wealth and the independence of the State of Hamburg.


After a couple of very sunny days in Berln - we were a bit dissapointed to meet with gloomy weather when we arrived in Hamburg - and it drizzled for a few hours. Apparently that is the standard weather in Hamburg - which is understandable as it is so close to the North Sea.


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