Berlin 2016 - Tchoban Foundation

The last sight we visited in Berlin is a very interesting building - the Tchoban Foundation - which is a museum for architectural drawings. The Foundation was established in 2009 by Sergei Tchoban - a passionate draftsman, architect and collector of historic architectural drawings. The museum is meant to preserve and showcase the art of hand-drawn architectural drawings in an age of CAD and computer visualizations.

The building was designed by Sergei Tchoban's architectural firm - SPEECH, which is based in Moscow. The 5-storey building features a series of coloured concrete volumes stacked at slightly off angles on each other. On the top of the building is a glass penthouse which cantilevers just over the side of the building.

The coloured concrete facades are covered with magnified fragments of old architectural drawings - presented in relief lines cast into the concrete surface.


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