Berlin 2016 - Super Concept Space

At the Western end of the roof terrace at Bikini is Super Concept Space - an F&B venue that combines shopping and event spaces into what they call a concept space. The design is the same playbook as the shopping arcade and 25h Hotel - casual and industrial.

The goods on sale include cool household items, personal products and apparel.

Super is one of the nicest cafe spaces we came across in Berlin. The food is mostly small plates and cafe staples e.g. pasta and burgers. On weekends they serve a buffet brunch for 17.50 euros. It is definitely worth a visit if you are a design lover.  If you go for the brunch buffet - be warned that the refills can be a bit slow. The service is also a bit erratic - depending on the wait staff. Some are more interested in looking cool then serving.


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