Berlin 2016 - KaDeWe Departmental Store

Kaufhaus des Westens - KaDeWe in short - is the most luxurious departmental store in Berlin. The store was opened in 1907 and has been in operation for over 100 years. When it first opened it was the largest departmental store in Europe - with over 24,000 sq. m. of retail area.  It has gone through many ups and downs - including being clashed and destroyed by an American plane during World War II. Yet is has survived and thrived over the years - becoming the luxury shopping mecca of Berlin. If you are looking for branded goods this is the place to go.

On the roof level is a large food court - LeBuffet. Here you can have lunch or dinner in a glass-canopied dining hall - with a wide selection of pre-cooked items as well as cooked-to-order selections. Being in a luxury shopping mall - prices here are really steep so be warned, but it's still a food lover's paradise.


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